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Multiple Pump Control

A standard feature on all Optidrive Eco drives

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Embedded Control Technology for Multiple Pump Systems

Total Control

A single 'Master' drive acts to control and monitor system operation. Control connections are made to this drive only, saving installation time and reducing costs.

Simple Connection

Additional drives connected on the system require a single RJ45 connection and basic commissioning, leading to time savings and simplified installation.

Flexible Solution

The system can operate with up to five pumps in any configuration, e.g. Duty / Assist / Standby. Duty pumps are automatically rotated, ensuring maximum service life and system efficiency.

Consistent Flow

The required pressure and flow levels are maintained regardless of how many pumps are required. When demand increases, additional pumps are automatically brought on stream to assist and are switched off again when not required.

Reduced Downtime

In the event of a fault, or if a pump needs to be isolated for maintenance, the system will automatically continue to operate with the remaining available pumps. The mains power can even be completely isolated from the Master drive without affecting operation of the Slave drives.

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Optiflow Summary

  • All drives operate at variable speed for maximum energy saving.
  • Equal run time sharing across every pump.
  • Automatic system reconfiguration in the event of a pump fault (including the master pump).
  • Continued system operation when drives are individually powered off (including the master drive).
  • Communication and +24V control voltage shared between drives via a standard RJ45 patch lead.
  • Independent maintenance indicators for each pump.
  • Any pump can be switched to Hand operation a the touch of a button, and will automatically rejoin the network when switched back to Auto.
  • For waste water applications each pump can be set for blockage/ragging detection and activate an automatic de-ragging/pump cleaning cycle.
  • Optional mains isolator with lock-off for safe pump maintenance.
  • Optiflow function configured through simple parameter set-up and intelligent drive self configuration.
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