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The New Variable Frequency Drive for Fan & Pump Applications


• Eco Vector Motor Control

• Energy Optimised Design

• Internal EMC filter

• Low noise operation


Fan & Pump Drive


0.75 – 250kW  /  1 – 350HP

200 – 600V Single & 3 Phase Input



IE2, IE3 & IE4 Motor Control


Operation with: AC Induction (IM) Motors, AC Permanent Magnet (PM) Motors, Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors & Synchronous Reluctance (SynRM) Motors

Optidrive Eco Variable Frequency Drives provide efficient, reliable and quiet control of motors for HVAC and pumping applications. Designed to provide maximum operating efficiency whilst minimising environmental impact, Optidrive Eco offers unrivalled performance and flexibility, whilst meeting the key standards and requirements of demanding applications.

HVAC Building Services


• Multiple fan operation

• Resonance avoidance

• Hand/auto

• Drive controlled bypass

• Belt break detection

• Noise reduction




• Accurate speed control

• Energy optimisation function

• Resonance avoidance

• Sleep & wake functions

• Advanced on-board features

• Intelligent maintenance interval


• IP55 & IP66 enclosure options

• OLED display standard on all models

• Simple parameter structure

• Practical design

• Integrated PID controller

• Through-hole mounting kit available


Eco Variable Frequency Drive Features


A range of compact AC Variable Frequency Drives dedicated to pumping and HVAC systems.

BACnet Interface

IE2, IE3 & IE4 Motor Control

HVAC Building Services

• Standard AC Induction Motors (IM)

• AC Permanent Magnet (PM) Motors

• Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors

• Synchronous Reluctance (SynRM) Motors

Comfortable safe & sustainable environments

• Controlling Your HVAC System

• Multiple Fan Operation

• Building Automation

• Optimising Efficiency

• Hand / Auto

• Belt Break Detection

• Noise Reduction

• Resonance Avoidance

• Drive Controlled Bypass


Energy efficient operation with each motor type requires no additional options, only parameter selection of the correct motor type, basic motor parameter data information and an automatic tuning. This allows the latest generation of high efficiency motors to be utilised, providing further energy saving benefits.

Building Automation

IP55 Enclosures


Dust-tight and ready to washdown.

In-built PID Controller


Accurately maintain pressure or temperature setpoint.

HVAC Drive Features

OLED Display


Installed as standard on all models


Clear multi-line text display

Operates from -10°C to 50°C

Wide viewing angle, effective in dark and light conditions

Customisable display

Multi-language selection


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