Pump Control

Pump Control

Energy efficient pumping with OptiFlow

Dedicated pump control variable frequency drives from Invertek - providing unique technology for energy efficient pump control for multiple pumps without the need for expensive PLCs or pump controllers all in one device.

  • Pumping stations
  • Manufacturing
  • Treatment plants
  • Car parks
ECO Group
Optidrive Eco
The perfect solution for optimising the performance of pump systems.
  • Optiflow technology
  • In-built PID controller
  • Pump staging cascade control
  • Pump blockage Detect / Clear
  • Broken pipe detection
Avoid Pump Downtime

Flexible and efficient pump control across single and multiple pump configurations requires a wide range of dedicated features in a variable speed drive.

  • Pump blockage Detect / Clear
  • Dry run protection
  • Motor preheat function
  • Pump stir cycle
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