Pump Drive Features

Optiflow multiple pump control technology within the compact, easy to use Optidrive Eco variable speed drive is just one in a series of specialist features in this drive dedicated to energy efficient, flexible pump control.

Controlling Your Pump System

Optidrive Eco has a PID controller built in that is fully integrated with both pump and energy efficient features and is packaged in a user friendly way to ensure ease of use and fast commissioning. Now in the majority of applications it has become possible to eliminate the need for external controllers.

Pump System control

Embedded control technology for multiple pump systems.

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Pump Staging Cascade Control
Variable speed duty pump with up to 4 assist pumps

Optidrive Eco can be used as the controller in a pump duty assist configuration.

Optidrive Eco will provide automatic operating time monitoring and balancing for assist pumps to share duty cycle. Run time clocks for all fixed speed assist pumps are maintained and visible within the Optidrive Eco for integration into the pump system maintenance schedules.

Pump Staging
Optimising Efficiency
Energy Optimisation

The advanced optimisation function intelligently matches energy usage to the pump load to ensure your pump operates at maximum efficiency.

Energy Monitoring

The inbuilt energy consumption meters allow energy consumption to be clearly displayed and savings to be calculated.

Resonance Avoidance

Optidrive Eco can be easily configured to avoid frequencies that cause resonance in pumping systems, preventing unnecessary noise and mechanical damage to motors and pipework.

In-built Sleep Mode with Auto-boost

Sleep mode saves energy by detecting when a pump is running inefficiently and producing little useful work. Optidrive Eco can be programmed to enter into a sleep/disabled mode until the demand increases. To help prevent sleep mode oscillation, Optidrive Eco can automatically initiate a boost cycle to increase pressure on starting or stopping.

Hand Auto
Hand / Auto

Allows immediate manual pump control in the event of an automatic control system failure or for simplified commissioning / system checks and when a fast temporary override of the control system is required. Built-in 'Auto Control Selection' allows return to automatic system control just as easily.

Blockage Detect/Clear
Optidrive Eco can detect pump blockages and trigger a programmed cleaning cycle to automatically clear them, preventing downtime.
Blockage Detector
Dry Run Protection

Optidrive Eco can evaluate a pump's speed/power and shut it off or warn when the pump starts to run dry, protecting it from heat/friction damage.

Motor Preheat Function

Optidrive Eco features a motor preheat function to help ensure moisture is not permitted to collect on the motor in periods of inactivity and prior to motor start up. In addition, the motor preheat function can be used to keep condensation from developing on the motor as the motor cools down immediately following a stop. The feature is fully configurable, meaning the pump can be always available the instant it is required.

Pump Stir Cycle

Triggered by a settable period of inactivity, a configurable cleaning cycle can be run to clear sediment, ensuring the pump is ready to run when needed.

Pump Prime with Burst Pipe Detection

Pump prime mode allows starting of the pump in a safely controlled manner, to ensure consistent filling and pressurisation of pipe work and systems. Low pressure warnings are ignored during priming to allow the system to prime correctly, whilst a failsafe timeout prevents the pump from continuing to run in the event of a failure to prime. This helps to prevent the effects of water hammering (such as bursting water pipes) or damage to fountain / sprinkler heads.

The time limit, set for pump prime mode to complete, means that the pressure in the system must reach the minimum level within the set time. Failure of the system to pressurise would indicate a leak or burst pipe within the pump system and result in the Optidrive Eco shutting down the pump. During normal operation the system pressure is still continuously monitored against the minimum level so that a burst pipe during normal operation will likewise result in the drive tripping 'low pressure' and shutting the pump down.

Drive Controlled Bypass

Intelligent features within the Optidrive Eco allow a bypass circuit to be implemented. Activation of Bypass mode can be determined intelligently by the Optidrive Eco drive based on a command from the building management system. The drive can be set to automatically select bypass mode when entering into a trip condition ensuring minimal disruption to service.

Save Energy

Energy optimisation function minimises energy usage in real time under partial load conditions

Advanced sleep & wake functions provide maximum energy savings by switching off the pump when not required

Automatic pump cleaning ensures maximum operating efficiency at all times

Save Money

Optiflow technology allows simple operation of multiple pump sets without the need for a PLC

Pump blockage detection and cleaning dramatically reduces pump maintenance requirements

Built in PLC function allows bespoke customised applications to be programmed directly in the drive

Save Time

Simple parameter set allows fast commissioning of pump control systems

Pump operating curve detection automatically detects and monitors normal pump behaviour and is able to react when pumping conditions change

Customisable OLED display provides excellent visibility of drive status and operation in all conditions

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