Optidrive P2
High Performance and Easy to Use

The perfect combination of high performance together with ease of use allows even the most demanding applications to be tackled easily by the P2 variable frequency drive.

  • Simple PLC functionality
  • Built-in EMC filter
  • Low ambient operation (-10°C)
  • Dedicated hoist mode
150% overload for 60 seconds
200% overload for 4 seconds

Industrial heavy duty rating for every model

Powerful, Versatile and Easy to Use

Designed for fast installation and commissioning, P2 variable frequency drive provides the most cost effective solution for industry.

All Optidrive P2 units provide 150% overload for 60 seconds as standard, ensuring each drive is suitable for Heavy Duty applications, whilst the IP55 enclosed versions ensure the drive is tough enough to survive in industrial environments.

Extensive I/O and communications interface capabilities ensure the drive can be integrated quickly and efficiently into a wide variety of control systems with the minimum commissioning time, ensuring rapid start up. Invertek's simple parameter structure, and carefully selected factory parameter settings ensure that commissioning time is kept to a minimum.

Advanced Motor Control

The P2 Variable Frequency Drive has been uniquely developed to allow a wide range of different motor types to be used, with only parameter changes being required. This technology allows the same drive to be used in a wide range of applications, allowing OEM's and end user alike to take advantage of the energy saving provided by using the latest motor technologies.

AC Induction Motors

The majority of AC motors in use today around the world are standard induction motors. These motors are relatively low cost, readily available and provide good performance with long service life. With the ever increasing focus on energy efficiency, motor manufacturers have refined and improved their designs in recent years.

Optidrive P2 has been developed to provide optimum control and maximum efficiency when operating with older motors designs, or newer high efficiency designs.

Operation can be in simple V/F control mode or in High Performance Third Generation Vector Mode, which provides up to 200% torque from zero speed without requiring an encoder.

Permanent Magnet AC Motors

Permanent magnet AC motors provide improved efficiency compared to standard induction motors. Using permanent magnets in the motor construction eliminates the need for any magnetising current, reducing electrical losses. PM motors have been used for many years in high performance applications, however this has always required the use of a feedback device, such as a resolver or encoder.

Optidrive P2 has been designed to operate with AC PM motors without requiring any feedback device, allowing them to be used for their energy efficiency benefits without incurring extra cost and complexity in applications which do not require position feedback.

Brushless DC Motors

BLDC motors are similar to AC PM motors, however the design requires a slightly different control method to optimise the performance. Optidrive P2 has the flexibility to control this type of motor, requiring only simple parameter changes. This provides much greater flexibility for OEM's, allowing Optidrive P2 to be used in a variety of applications, with various motor types.

Synchronous Reluctance Motors

Synchronous Reluctance Motors (SynRM), not to be confused with Switched Reluctance Motors, share a similar stator construction to standard induction motors, however the rotor is substantially different, in order to improve the overall efficiency of the motor. SynRM motors are ideally suited to variable torque applications.

Optidrive P2 can control synchronous reluctance motors, allowing the energy saving benefits to be realised.

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